Happy New Year!

Yes, I know the new year is here already, but this 33 min video gives you HUGE jump for Tax Time Now.

Stay Tuned for the 7 Simple Steps to Make Your QuickBooks Pro Ready for Tax Time


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Question from Michael J.

I just got your program in December.

I have 15 units. - 2 single dwellings, - 2 duplexes, - 1 4plex, - Victorian with 5 units.

I currently use Excel documents to keep track of stuff. tax season is not fun for me or my CPA.

 I agree, this will make your tax time a breeze.. the hardest part is your transition and getting all set up properly

Would it make sense for me to input this year's stuff from January to December. - of course for 2017, but I assume you mean for 2016?

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Year End Escrow Analysis

your money held by lender to pay property taxes, insurance, and/or HOA fees

also includes changing your monthly payment if needed

4 min video -- click the lower right hand corner to view full screen

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How to add 5 years of tax time reports in 5 minutes or less.

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