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How to Enter a New Tenant properly into Tenant Tracking  (6min video for members)

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Hi Mike,

My tenant pay HOA Fees as part NNN agreement. Actually amount I charge to tenant is owner’s discretion.

So question is, in addition to actual HOA Fee what are other charges related
HOA that I could pass to tenant?

Thanks a lot for your support.


— Suvi



Great Question Suvi!

It appears you are in California.

If so, You MUST Get Your Own Copy of California’s Landlord Tenant Law and also check any additional rules and regulations for your town.

Here are a couple of links for you Suvi

Back to your question.  In addition to your local Landlord/Tenant Law, you must also get a copy and stay up to date on your Home Owner Association rules and regulations. Click to Access Video or Read More

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