QUESTION:    Will This Work with QuickBooks Online?

ANSWER:  NO —- as of Feb 6, 2019 and many hours on the phone researching this with QuickBooks Online, this does NOT work with any of the 3 versions of QB online.

You MUST use QuickBooks PRO Desktop software for PCs installed on your computer or laptop; however, you can access it for free from anywhere in the world providing you have internet access.

No Monthly Subscriptions, No Monthly Fees, No Hidden Cost… just a one time investment.


QUESTIONS From Roxanna Southwell:

I am planning on purchasing your software of Quickbook for Investors, 

Investor books pro system with tenant tracking 
Awesome and congratulations Roxanna!
and I have an important question. 
I need to purchase a Quickbooks Pro version to have on my computer
so that your system will work.  
Yes Roxanna, if you could take a moment and imagine yourself
as being a part owner of a competent accounting firm.
You already know QuickBooks Pro is the #1 Small Business Accounting Software
Let’s say you have over 100 clients and 90 of them use QuickBooks
At TAX Time they send you their QuickBooks Company File
In the Big Picture, you have 90 different people emailing you their
QuickBooks Company Files.
In order to Open Each Company File, your accounting firm MUST
have QuickBooks Pro to open each customer’s company file.
Now, let’s jump back to Roxanne’s world.
Rule #1 – Roxanna MUST have the QuickBooks Pro software
in order to use BOTH company files
– first company file is INVESTOR BOOKS PRO
– second company file is TENANT TRACKING
         – TT is your landlording software and your CPA Never Sees This file
I was listening to one of your recordings talk about that Quickbooks Pro 2013 and 2014 offer features that allow you to attach files, folders, photos, documents and even voicemails etc onto your files in the system.
– You are absolutely correct Roxanna!  this is awesome
Is that currently the only two versions that  have that feature?  
What about versions 2015 or 2016? 
I would like your advice before I purchase the Quickbooks Pro version.
– Yes and Yes, the feature “attach files to your accounts” is a feature
I have been begging QB to add since I started using it back around 1990
You can expect this feature to stay in QuickBooks Pro from now on.  
I am looking at a 2015 version for a good price with a 3 user license on Ebay.  
Would 2015 or 2016 versions have this same features you spoke of for the 2013 or 2014 versions? 
– Absolutely Roxanna
Or would the 2013 or 2014 versions be best if I want those features?
– Phooey on 2013 and 2014
– If you can get a great price on QuickBooks PRO 2015 3 user license – get it!
– (if you can get 2016 – 3 user at same price or lower, get the 2016)
As a rule of thumb Roxanna, you can expect to upgrade your 
version of QuickBooks Pro about every two or three years
Thank you for you assistance. 
 Once I purchase the Quickbooks Pro version,
then I will be purchasing your system to go with it.
Here is your link to Order Now Roxanna 


Roxanna Southwell
Great Questions Roxanna! you have asked questions that many
other folks wanted to ask but did not.
Congratulations and Welcome!  
Please note you get a full year membership to for support and On Demand Video Helpers


To Your Continued $uccess!

  Mike Butler



Question:  “Can I Use QuickBooks Premier or QuickBooks Enterprise?”

ANSWER: You can upgrade QuickBooks Pro and Premier data files to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions (QBES), but you cannot revert QBES data files back to the lower versions.


Question: “I am already using QuickBooks. Can I “merge” or “import” my data?”

ANSWER:  Long story short… “No”
this would be very similar to someone using a Microsoft Word document and entering every transaction’s date, time, check number, payee, account, property and memo and it is all entered one word document. the user can confidently and with pride say “I’ve got all of my data in this word doc. I want to export it…. ugh”   see what I mean.

Hold on, there is some good news for you. Your best and simplest solution is to begin with the fast start guide. FYI, this will get you 10 properties up and running in less than 60 minutes. Once completed, you can start paying bills and entering deposits along with buying, selling and borrowing and loaning money.

If you are like me and want to have all of your data in your Investor Books Pro company file, then there is a very simple process to get all of your previous transactions and deposits into your new Investor Books Pro company file.



“Will Investor Books PRO System with Tenant Tracking” work with QuickBooks Online?
– rafael

ANSWER: Great Question Rafael!  and here is the answer which is better than you expected.

first, during our recent 3 Day Boot Camp for Landlords, GOLD member Stanley Bartley informed everyone that QuickBooks Online falls short and does not allow you to use all of the powerful features and benefits for investors. Stanley dumped the online version is doing the happy dance because….

second, your solution is BETTER than QuickBooks Online. Here’s how,

identify and set up a desktop computer as your real estate business computer

install your QuickBooks Pro on this computer

keep it turned on 24-7 and run your maintenance utilities daily

sign up for a reputable auto-sync real time back up system in the cloud ( i use and it allows me unlimited storage, unlimited devices, and includes external hard drives)

For personal use, you can go to and download the personal use for free – home office, lap top, ipad, smartphones, etc – personal is free and business is not free.

Follow the instructions and once set up is completed, you can access your desktop and any and all devices via ZoHo Assist. It is lightning fast and you can even transfer files!  FYI, as you probably know, I love RCCL and doing cruises. While on any cruise, I can log in to my desktop to pay bills, create and print checks and much more!

Unlike QuickBooks Online, this arrangement allows you to access Absolutey EVERYTHING on your Desktop computer for FREE! – you must have internet access

Enjoy Rafael!