Question from Greg J.
QUESTION: Mike: Please clarify for me and my staff,
the best way to handle a vendor where
we receive approximately 15 invoices each day from them
and we have 65 classes.

One invoice may go to more than one propertylass.
We do want to avoid errors and not handle paper more than once.

ANSWER: Excellent question Greg!
and your question reminds me of my pain from years ago.

7 minute Video Shows You How To Enter Properly



1. Open Your Investor Books PRO company file

2. Make sure your “classes” are set up by Property (tax bill)
and not by units
example – if you have a 100 unit apartment community
this would be one class all by it’s little lonesome.

3. Getting 15 invoices each day on multiple
properties is no problem.

  • Simply grab one invoice, 
  • Click on the “ENTER BILL” Speed Button
  • Enter the invoice just like writing a check sort of…

what I mean by this is if you have one invoice
that has multiple properties on it…

then just enter line by line in bottom and
apply the appropriate class for each charge
on the one invoice.

I will prepare a short video showing you how to do this.

Also, when you do it like this greg,
odds are you may receive a monthly statement..

if so… simply click on the “PAY BILLS” Speed Button
and reconcile very similar to reconciling a bank statement.

Congrats and get ready for YEAR END TO DO’s Now


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