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QuickBooks Pro Training for Investors Books


Why 2 Company Files

7 min

 Overview of Investor Books


Keeps Track Of What You OWN and OWE, and Your INCOME & Expenses

Buy, Sell, Trade, Borrow, and Loan

Allows You to go 100% paperless keeping everything – receipts, docs, etc. 

It Does Your Books As You Pay Bills and Make Deposits

Tax Time Preparation Is Done In Minutes, Not Days or Weeks. Simply Email at Tax Time

Investor Friendly Reports Already Set Up For You  – Simply Push A Button

Makes It Simple for LLCs, Corps, Partnerships, IRAs, and more

Residential, Commercial, Dirt, Single Family, Apartments, Mini-Storage, Marinas, Mobile Homes and more!

Ensures You Use “Cash Method” of Accounting so you can capture every tax benefit for real estate investors

Mike’s “Post Office Method of Accounting” makes it brain-dead simple for YOU and Your CPA

Tracks Real Time Costs of Rehabs and Tenant Turnovers as they are happening…
       not after they are done when it is too late to make adjustments.

Tracks Real CASH FLOW by Property, by the entity, partnership(s) and more!

SAVES Your Precious and Valuable Time

Your Rock Solid Foundation Giving You The Confidence to Do Any Size Deal without fear



is Your Landlording and Property Management Machine

Keeps Track of Everyone Who Owes You Money… Tenants & Loan Customers

Makes You Look Professional, even with 1 property… Perception Is Reality!

Used Properly, You will consistently get over 100% of your rents!

WORK ORDER FEATURE ensures you document every Tenant Chargeable Repair and Get PAID

Tenants will gladly pay late charges without phone calls and complaints

Security Deposits made clean and simple.

Tenant Turnovers happen very smoothly and efficiently with TENANT TRACKING

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Check Out This Short Overview

Why 2 Company Files?

(3 minute Video has NO Audio)

Take A Quick Look At Investor Books and Tenant Tracking In Action

Part 2

(7 min video)

Part 3

13 min




Mike’s “Post Office Method” Accounting


Recordings of LIVE Training Workshop

QuickBooks 101 – The Basics

includes Mike’s “Post Office Method” Accounting

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Investor Books PRO 80 min

Paying Bills

How to Set Up Recurring Payments

13 minute Overview of Tenant Tracking