Questions from Scott:

Good Morning Mike,

I have noticed Mike has referred to clean copies of Tenant Tracking and or Investor Books files in various ODV’s.

Yes, i want to make sure you use the “clean copy” and not the practice or SAMPLE files. In the past, many folks have added their data into the sample file causing an extra frustration on their part.

So I am assuming there must be training files with examples of transactions available that I would very much appreciate having to help me along with learning how to use this product I have purchased.

Yes, but the training file is used for training and should not be used as a “How to” in the big picture. For example, I use the sample files for live training and suppose an investor hands me a HUD 1 Settlement Statement on a property he/she sold. In training, i will show attendees how to enter this closing statement in 3 minutes or less… but keep in mind, in this one example, they never purchased the property. my simple point is to use or reference the training file with kid gloves.

Would receiving these files be possible?


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