Return Policy

Wealth Building 24-7, LLC 

Companies should post return policies in writing and have them available to all customers prior to making any purchase. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Product Return Policy

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all books, CDs and home-study products, less a 10% restocking fee. You may exchange your product for another product of equal or less value with NO stocking fee.

When you choose to exchange your product for another product, there is no refund or exchange available on the second product.


If the forms package or forms CD are opened, the package is not returnable. Any request for a return must be made by email no later than 30 calendar days from date of receipt. Before returning a product the customer shall be issued a Product Return Authorization Code (PRAC#) emailed to the original refund request sent from address. 

All returns must display the PRAC# on the outside of the returned package. All returns must include the actual product in resalable condition with all Manuals, CDs and DVDs seals intact and unbroken. 

All packages must be sent Return Receipt through the U.S. postal system or signature required through a recognized carrier (i.e. FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.) within TEN (10) DAYS of the issuance of the PRAC# email sent to buyer. Wealth Building 24-7 LLC and is not responsible, and will not issue a credit for any returned package lost in shipping and/or not received with 10 calendar days of the issued PRAC#.

The customer is responsible for all shipping costs in returning the product. It is the customer’s responsibility to package the product well to avoid damage during shipping! Any item returned without an PRAC# will be refused and returned at the customer’s expense.

The refund on an authorized return will be issued within 5 business days of receipt of the authorized returned product. No refund will be issued, regardless of receipt, on any unauthorized return.

Seminar & LIVE Training Refund Policy

2 Day or More LIVE Training Events on Land have a 100% money back guarantee, which must be requested in writing before 5pm on the first day. There are no refunds for “no shows” or cancellations within 48 hours of the event.

LIVE Training Events not on land will fall in the guidelines of the host cruise line. Cruise Lines have different deadlines, percentage of refunds, etc. and your seminar refund will be handled by the cruise director. Once on board the ship there are no refunds.

All internet and electronic communication training of any kind have a 100% Money Back Guarantee when cancelled with 48hr notice sent by email to

Software and Digital Products

There is no refund policy on software purchases. All Sales Are Final, although you may return the software UNOPENED for a credit prior to the end of an event where purchased. Most systems do not contain software and are refundable.

All software and digital products that do not contain hard copy physical manuals or other items involving shipping or packaging are guaranteed to be without defects and to perform as stated in the product description. However, due to the ease of software and digital product copying as well as software piracy laws, Wealth Building 24-7, LLC will only accept exchanges on defective software and/or digital products within 30 days of purchase. There is no refund policy on software and/or digital products purchased that are without defect. All Sales Are Final.

Subscriptions / Memberships
I understand I will be charged a recurring subscription fee that will begin being billed exactly one day after the free trial period (if applicable) expires. I also understand the recurring monthly charges will be billed thirty days out following the first monthly charge and will continue to be charged until I cancel. Any initial shipping and handling charges (if applicable) are nonrefundable.

I am aware all subscriptions must be canceled at least 7 business days before the monthly billing date to avoid further charges. All free trial periods must be canceled at least 7 business days before the first billing date to avoid further charges. Cancellations will only be accepted by fax or email. Once the cancellation has been processed I will receive a confirmation via email. If I do not receive a confirmation, I will notify Wealth Building 24-7, LLC at phone numbers listed below or , as that is my only valid receipt of cancellation. If cancellation is before the final 7 days within the free trial period I understand I will not be charged a monthly membership fee.

Additional Terms and Conditions
I authorize Wealth Building 24-7, LLC. to use my success story and success stories in future publications. I acknowledge Wealth Building 24-7, LLC does not function as my real estate broker, personal accountant, attorney or financial advisor. If I have a tax or legal question, I will seek the advice of an accountant, attorney, financial advisor or real estate broker. I acknowledge I am responsible for my actions and hereby release Wealth Building 24-7, LLC and any of its staff, employees, officers or affiliates from liability for any of my actions or comments influenced by the information contained in products and services received. From this day forward, I assume full responsibility of my personal, physical, emotional and financial well-being.

I understand providing the information on any online form or event form gives Wealth Building 24-7, LLC, permission to communicate with me by fax, email, or phone to relay special offers, announcements and information I may find valuable in my business. I understand I will receive confidential information that may not be shared with anyone outside my family or partnership. I shall not reproduce these copyrighted materials nor lend, rent, or sell them to anyone to remain in compliance with the federal and state copyright and trademark laws.

I agree all sales are final after 30 days of purchase and I agree I will not contact my credit card company after the 30 day refund period has expired.

Duty to Read
I accept that under this agreement I have a duty to read this refund policy given to me and have done so. I attest to this duty and sign on the order form to execute this document. Furthermore, I understand and accept I am stopped from using lack of reading as a defense against all remedies so contained herein.


I acknowledge my Credit Card Statement will reflect a purchase or purchases from

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