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QUESTION from Stacey
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Hi Mike,
I've watched every video that I have access to, but I am still unclear on how to put in my private loan balances. 
For example, I purchased a property last year. 
I borrowed money from a private lender, (and deposited this money PRIOR to closing) put that in my (Operating Bank Checking Account) account and then paid (took a check) cash at closing. 
Stacey is describing how to pay cash at closing when buying a property when using a private lender who funded this purchase without it showing on a closing statement.
I entered the closing statement as (starting with) a check.
Where do I enter the $50,000 loan I'm paying on every month? (I memorized a check I can send every month, but I don't know where to put the balance of the loan.)
Watch this short 20 min video I prepared for you Stacey
- Let me show you how to enter all of this in a few simple steps --- it really is brain-dead simple when you use the Post Office Method of Accounting as your foundation
If I could have help with one of these properties, 
then I am hopeful  I could input the rest of them correctly. 
Please advise! Thanks!

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How to
Properly Enter Buying Real Estate with Seller Financing
19 min video

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How To Properly Enter a Cash Out Refi

or any Refinance
18 minute video

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Where to Enter Your Equity and Proper Use of CASH from Me

  • with a dose of Crazy Advice from an Incompetent CPA


Question from Cassandra:

Hi Mike, I'm really enjoying your QuickBooksForInvestors system!!

Here's my question....

I have heard you say you don't bother with the Owner Equity account cause you let your CPA deal with that.

From Mike

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Mike, I get where the loan comes from and how to enter the asset and all that. I did all that fine. I was curious how to get my loan money into quick books and zeroed back out at the end again.

Do I deposit the money from my hard money lender into my checking account then write a check for the purchase out of there?

That's what I did.

Then how do I zero out the loan on my closing statement when I'm done.

I can't get it to zero out under the loan on my chart of accounts.

Doni do it as COG and that's it? I did that but couldn't figure out how to get the loan to zero out under my loan in the chart of accounts. I get the whole post office thing big guy.


Kyle W.


Let's keep it very simple/

Every closing - buying, selling, trading, lending has a closing statement or a settlement statement explaining all of the details of this particular real estate transaction.

Most settlement statements have a dollar amount...

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 How To Enter The Purchase of Real Estate using Borrowed Money

How To Enter a Purchase in Investor Books Pro using Quick books. Straight to the point and you can apply this to any deal that you do. Take it from a Hud 1 settlement, statement, or closing statement.

How To Enter a Purchase in Investor Books Pro using Quick books
using Borrowed Money

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