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How to Enter a New Tenant properly into Tenant Tracking  (6min video for members)

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QUESTION From Ronald:

“Hello Mike, I purchased the Investor Books Pro System with Tenant Tracking. My computer crashed and I lost everything, I like to know what I can do to get back up and running….. Thank You, Ronald”


ANSWER from Mike:

Sorry about your tax time tragedy Ronald. 

In order to get everything up and running again, here is what I recommend.

  1. Ronald, if you are like most investors including me, we are tightwads, especially on computers. Odds are your computer that crashed is probably pretty old. Instead of trying to repair an 8 Track Tape version of a computer, go ahead and invest in a new decent laptop.
    — if you can get the crashed computer to run, even for just a few minutes, open your QB software and immediately make a back up to a USB flash drive for BOTH Investor Books and Tenant Tracking company files. This will SAVE Your Day Ronald.
  2. with your new laptop, you will need to install all of your software including QuickBooks PRO®. If you have been using QuickBooks Pro 2016 or older, go ahead and purchase QuickBooks PRO Desktop 2019. (I upgrade every 3 years in my business.
  3. After installing QB PRO, go find your QuickBooks “BACK UP” file – your back up files will have .qbb at the end of the file name. (.qbw is on your QB company files)
  4. Open your QuickBooks PRO and follow the instructions to “RESTORE” a QB company file. DO NOT Create a new company file.
  5. After restoring your QB backup company file and you have it up and running, hover on the “FILE” tab in upper left corner and select Create Backup – I schedule my backups to automatically happen every time I log out of my QB company file for both Investor Books Pro and the Tenant Tracking files.

“But Mike, I do not have any backup files…. ugh”

ALWAYS, Always set up automated backups of your Investor Books and Tenant Tracking company files.  Not only on your computer or external hard drive, but use an automated backup service like http://BlueRibbonBackUp.com to keep backups of ALL of Your Files in your computer and all external hard drives.

Ronald, do absolutely everything you can to find your QB files and backup company files. Otherwise, you will have to re-install your Investor Books and Tenant Tracking backup files. (follow the “restore” procedure) Remember Ronald, if this is your solution, you will be “starting over from scratch. You will have to enter your bank accounts, real estate owned, money borrowed, money loaned, your tenants and loan customers.


I hope this helps Ronald, let me know




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How to Create – Print or Email Statements
to Your Tenants or Loan Customers

2 min Video

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Question from Marietta Grimes:

“Mike, when I am creating statements, a DUE DATE appears in the description area on every statement charge. How Do I Remove This?  Thanks – Marrieta”

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How To Properly Handle

Section 8
11 min video

click lower right corner to VIEW LARGE SCREEN

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TENANT TRACKING – Getting Started QB Pro 2016

do this first

4 minute video – To VIEW LARGE, click lower right corner on video

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The “NOTES” Tab in Tenant Tracking is used for “OFFICE ONLY” notes for your Tenant. These notes are items you do NOT want to share with Tenant

You can find your for office use only NOTES on the Tab as shown below
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How To Enter New Tenant on Section 8

using TENANT TRACKING Company File Click to Access Video or Read More

3 – Five Minute Videos

How To Enter Your Existing Tenants

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