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Where to Enter Your Equity and Proper Use of CASH from Me
  • with a dose of Crazy Advice from an Incompetent CPA
  Question from Cassandra:

Hi Mike, I'm really enjoying your QuickBooksForInvestors system!!

Here's my question....

I have heard you say you don't bother with the Owner Equity account cause you let your CPA deal with that.

From Mike

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8 minute On Demand Video shows you how to create Balance Sheets for multiple entities QUESTION:

Thanks Mike! I have a couple of follow up questions. For the LLC, single or multiple, are we suppose to classify every item regardless whether it is a income statement item or a balance sheet item? Also, can I run a balance sheet just for LLC #1 that will not show LLC #2 balance sheet items? This is where my issue comes in, as my balance sheet is not in balance when I run a report just for LLC #1.

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