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QUESTION From Dale ——————– I…

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What Version of QuickBooks® Should You Get?

The Investor Books PRO System with Tenant Tracking

works only with QuickBooks PRO® Desktop version

No need to upgrade every year – maybe every 3 years or so

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How To Handle Two or More Tax Returns in Your Investor Books Pro Company File (Multiple Entities)

29 minute video shows you step by step

Anthony, this is an image below, it is not a video – it will never play

You Click The Link below this image to see the video

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Question from Michael J.

I just got your program in December.

I have 15 units.
– 2 single dwellings,
– 2 duplexes,
– 1 4plex,
– Victorian with 5 units.

I currently use Excel documents to keep track of stuff. tax season is not fun for me or my CPA.

 I agree, this will make your tax time a breeze.. the hardest part is your transition and getting all set up properly

Would it make sense for me to input this year’s stuff from January to December.
– of course for 2017, but I assume you mean for 2016? Click to Access Video or Read More

TENANT TRACKING – Getting Started QB Pro 2016

do this first

4 minute video – To VIEW LARGE, click lower right corner on video

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We have 2 people who will be using the Investor Books / Tenant Tracking system. 

Do we need to purchase QB multi-user and network our computers so that the data will sync ?  How does that work?

Sherry W.

great question Sherry!
here is your short simple answer.


If you are using one computer and you have QuickBooks Pro installed on it: Click to Access Video or Read More

A Very Frequently Asked Question

“Mike, I got everything up and running using the Fast Start Guide, but how do I get my older transactions into Investor Books?  I want to at least go back and enter everything since January 1st of this year.”

This 10 min video shows you how to do it using the phantom bank account.

Remember to use the pause and rewind button if needed. You can make it full screen too.


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Here are some questions from Bill about getting started.

Bill wrote,  I need training specifically on Tenant Tracking as follows:

  1. How do I change the memorized transactions to change things like new tenant name, rent rate other variable?
    – you must create a new transaction..then memorize it
  2. How do I use the vendors set up in QuickBooks for paying bills in Tenant Tracking? Click to Access Video or Read More

Attention QuickBooks Pro Users!

The latest versions of QB Pro has a boatload of new features, shortcuts, and time savers; however, they have a new default forcing your Speed Buttons to the left sidebar.

This short video shows you how to get your Speed Buttons to display across the top again

 34 second video shows you how
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