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This Short Video shows real estate investors how to enter the Sale of one of your properties, including a wholesale deal. Please do not try to memorize this 3 step procedure, unless you are doing a deal a day. Just refer back to this video.

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Tenant Tracking is part 2 of the Investor Books Pro System™, The Only System for Real Estate Investors using QuickBooks Pro.

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"I ordered your book/cd tenant tracking module which was a great help but I've recently got a virus on my computer and had to switch to my other one. I'm having a problem restoring all the old files. I tried install everything but can't seem to restore any of my old files back  to the tenant tracking module. Can you help me out?" - Art C.

Answer from Mike:

Great question Art,

her's your simple solution....

1.) Where do / did you keep your

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Question From Steve:

Hello Mike, I looked through the Investor Books Manual and did not see this ... When doing a flip, the repairs will be a capital expense versus an ordinary expense. How are you booking the repairs?


  ANSWER: Great Question Steve!

Yes, it is in the manual; however, you will not find the word "FLIP." (I hate that word and back in the day, the term "flip" was also used to describe a fraudulent real estate transaction. And before the downturn of the economy, the Feds were targeting "flippers" of real estate even though they did not understand ethical investors used the term for a legal transaction.

All right, i am off my soapbox.

Therefore, replace your word "FLIP" with

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How to Enter A Sale of Real Estate with a loan on it  (not paid for)    

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How to run your real estate office from anywhere with internet access.


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Hi Mike,
Happy New Year.  I hope you are doing better than I am at this time.  My wife’s computer crashed.  We received a new hard drive from Dell.  Now we must install all our programs and retrieve our backup data.  We thought it would be easy as we have our data backed up to an external drive and offsite with Carbonite but getting the programs reinstalled and set up properly is another matter.
Our IT support person will be installing our software tomorrow morning and we really need to get back in business at that time.  We really rely on Investor Books and Tenant Tracking and cannot afford to be without them any longer.
I have two CDs and hope they will get us back in business.  The jacket for the Investor Books CD says we need a key code and I am assuming that we probably need one for Tenant Tracking but we do not  have the original jacket.  The only numbers I could locate are in the center of the CDs.  They are as follows:
                Investor Books      XXX      copyright date 2004
                Tenant Tracking   XXX     copyright date 2003
Are these the key codes?  If not what can I do?  Is someone available by phone or email for help if we run into install problems?  Is there any information you can give me that will help in the reinstall?
I know it is New Years eve and day but until this happened I did not realize how much we rely on your programs or how we survived before having them.
Thanks for your help,
Richard W.
Here;s Your Answer Richard...
First of all, Happy New Year and calm down... not a problem, just a situation....
Simple Solution:
Rule #1: Always Make Back Ups... Looks like you did this wonderfully on Carbonite.
also check out
Rule #2: You Must

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How To Enter Real Estate Purchase with a New Loan This is an ODV PREVIEW. Members can view complete On Demand Video by clicking link below.

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