“I ordered your book/cd tenant tracking module which was a great help but I’ve recently got a virus on my computer and had to switch to my other one. I’m having a problem restoring all the old files. I tried install everything but can’t seem to restore any of my old files back  to the tenant tracking module. Can you help me out?– Art C.

Answer from Mike:

Great question Art,

her’s your simple solution….

1.) Where do / did you keep your back-up files?

    in your training i recommend to have a regular schedule to make backups
    keep it separate from your computer
    i have found it best to use a thumb drive or flash drive and use it as my Master.

After you find your back-up company files or duplicate company files, simply “restore” or open them and you are back in business.
Keep in mind, if you restore from one of your back-up files, it has only saved your stuff to the date of your back-up.

QuickBooks Pro allows you to schedule automatic back-ups.

FYI, please understand once you have successfully installed your Investor Books PRO System with Tenant Tracking AND BEGIN ENTERING YOUR DATA for your business… the discs become useless.

Not trying to scare you, but if you did not make backups and safeguard your data… you might have a big problem.

Yes, you could re-install your Investor Books Pro and Tenant Tracking company files; however, they will not contain any of your information…

Always remember to enter your User Registration Serial Number online.

Thanks and I hope this helps Art,

Mike Butler