I recently ran an update to Windows 10
only to find that as a result
none of my software package like Excel Word and your Tenant Tracking program work now.

PC guy had to rebuild my system OS and now
I can’t get in to my company on tenant tracking
because it does not recognize the Administrator Password I had for Quickbooks.

I contacted Intuit to see if they could help my reset the password to get back in but were no help.

They said the Quickbooks PRO 2007 (Dale, this is almost 14 years old!) was outdated and the only thing I could do is update to Quickbooks PRO Desktop 2019.

If I were to do that would your Tenant Tracking software still work and access the data files I have already built and been using up to this point?

ANSWER  from  Mike

Sorry for your luck here Dale,
– there are a few things to cover here

1. Do You Have Your Tenant Tracking .QBB file? (this is QuickBooks BackUp Company File)
– i trust and hope you your Tenant Tracking company to auto-backup everytime you log out.
– plus, you must always keep an off-site backup, not just a flash drive, but a service like
(mine is set to auto-backup everything at 1:30am every night)

I hope you have a good copy of your Tenant Tracking BackUp Company file

2. You are using QB Pro 2007 — this is 14 years old and will not work in Windows 10
– QuickBooks no longer supports it as they want you to buy a newer version.

if you can find your backup file of Tenant Tracking, you can purchase a new version of DESKTOP version of QuickBooks Pro 2019 or 2020
do NOT get the online version, it will not work and they charge you a monthly fee.

After you successfully install your new version of Desktop version QuickBooks Pro,
in the upper left corner, you will see the word “FILE” on the toolbar.
– click on FILE, a dropdown list will appear, and click on RESTORE

follow the instructions in your manual on how to install (restore) your Tenant Tracking backup file.

if you cannot find your .QBB file, look for TenantTracking.QBW file as this is the real file you actually open every time you access Tenant Tracking

if you have the .QBW file, install your new DESKTOP version of QB PRO 2019 or 2020
then click on FILE, drop down list and click on OPEN company file.
– go find your TenantTracking.QBW file and it will automatically pull itself up into your new version of QB PRO
i know this works because I had a user still using QB PRO 2002, their computer blew up, they get new pewtor with Windows 10 and it all worked perfectly!

if you do NOT have a copy of your backup file, nor a copy of your TenantTracking.QBW file

you will have to start over… because your files are gone or corrupted.

Let me know how it goes Dale,
and good luck

I ALWAYS ALWAYS Tell Folks To BACK UP, BACK UP, BACK UP  and for some reason Dale,  many folks don’t and won’t back up off site – then your computer blows and they scream HELP!!!

If you do not have off site, in the cloud backups, and your computer blows up, it’s trying to shove toothpaste back into the tube.