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Hello Mike....
In 2008 we purchased Investor Books and Quick Books 7 from you and have enjoyed the benefits ever since!   Thank you!
Both our computers operate on Windows XP.   One computer died yesterday so now we have made a purchase of a new one which comes with windows XP.   We also bought Quickbooks 2014.   My question - will the Investor Books program we purchased so long ago work with WINDOWS 8 and Quickbooks 2014????   Fingers crossed.
thank you Mike...........
Sue McMorrow


yes, absolutely Sue!
Do these steps Sue
1. Make a BackUp of your Investor Books company file
2. Make a Backup of your Tenant Tracking company file
3. Install QuickBooks Pro 2014
4. Click on "RESTORE" a company file
5. go find your backup file for Investor Books and restore it
6. repeat the above for Tenant Tracking backup company file
After doing this Sue, your desktop will look different
Go To QuickBooksForInvestors.com and on the right side
you will see a bright yellow button with red letters
"Upgrading to 2013 or 2014.... 34 second video)
(remember, you must do this step for both Investor Books and Tenant Tracking)
great question, i am going to put your question on website
To Your Continued $uccess Sue
Mike Butler

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