Saturday, April 7
Wildwood Country Club in Louisville, KY

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($99 at door if any seats remain)

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includes WorkBook / Study Guide and HOT Lunch Buffet!

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early bird expires midnight Thursday, April 5th   ( $99 at Door if any seats remain )



includes WorkBook / Study Guide and Hot Lunch Buffet!    


Wildwood Country Club

“Minton Room”

5000 Bardstown Rd.
Louisville, KY 40291

(502) 426-1261

This Workshop Will Sell Out!

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Your full day LIVE interactive workshop is an absolute must attend training for every real estate investor, professional, office manager, accountant, and CPA!

You get your workbook/study guide and a Hot Lunch Buffet is included.

You will love Mike’s brain-dead simple ‘Post Office Method” of accounting allowing you to quickly master even the most complicated real estate transactions while having FUN! Yes, I said it – “Accounting… Fun? Yes it’s true!”

FYI, the word “DEBIT” is not allowed and will never be mentioned!
This Workshop will SAVE Your Precious, Valuable TIME while Reducing Expenses and increasing your profit and income to spend more time enjoying LIFE!

• Push a Button to See Your “CASH FLOW” Report by month, property, YTD, etc.
• Capture Every Penny Spent So Far with “REHAB Expense” Report by property
• Properly Enter a New Real Estate investment in 3 minutes or less!
• Properly Enter the SALE of a Property in 4 minutes or less!
• Cash-Out Re-Fi’s, Borrow Money, Loan Money, all done in 3 minutes or less
• Wholesale, Ho-Tail, Fixer Uppers, Seller Financing, Brokers/Agents made EZ
• How to Properly Set Up and Handle Multiple Entities and Partnerships
• Residential, Commercial, Land, Builders, Developers, Marinas, Mobile Homes, Self-Storage, and absolutely anything YOU can imagine doing in your real estate business using this one simple system.
• 100% PAPERLESS System – seriously, no more paper!
• Run Your Business from anywhere in the world for FREE using your SmartPhone, Tablet, or Laptop. (you must have internet access)
• ALL Reports are Investor Friendly using our investor vocabulary and are already set up for you thru year 2035
TAX TIME Benefits – 6 Simple Steps makes everything Ready for Tax Time in minutes, not hours, days, or weeks.

As You Pay Bills and Make Bank Deposits, this system “does your books behind the scenes” allowing you to keep track of what You Buy, Sell, Borrow, Loan, Trade, along with your Income & Expenses.
Using this system will slash your Tax Prep fees because you will have everything ready to go – no more grocery bags, shoes boxes, or wheelbarrows full of file folders and receipts.

Your HOMEWORK Before the Workshop – root around in your pile of papers, receipts and folders and find the HUD 1 Settlement Statement on a property you purchased and then sold AFTER you purchased it. BRING BOTH Hud 1 closing statements and we will use them as a “class project” to show you how simple and easy this system works for you.

Mike Butler is your instructor. Yes, the same Mike Butler featured in Money Magazine, and author of #1 Best Seller on Amazon “Landlording on Autopilot.”

Who Should Attend This Workshop? Greener than a gourd investors, old-veteran seasoned pro investors, broker/agents, private lenders, office managers, accountants, CPAs, and accounting firms. Absolutely anyone who may have an interest in the real estate business and housing industry.

Have you ever had the opportunity to buy a Great Deal, but failed to pull the trigger because it might just be too big a bite to take at one time? NEVER again, you will now have the confidence in yourself and your system to buy-out a burned out landlord with 200 properties or a large apartment community, shopping mall and more.

You MUST attend this LIVE workshop to experience first hand, the power it will give you for your real estate business.

Mike Butler created this simple system for his own real estate business almost 30 years ago. Thousands are using Mike Butler’s real estate system for QuickBooks Pro.

You may bring your laptop and your own extension cord.

Early Bird Discount Registration is ONLY $39 and 2 for $49 until sold out.
(discount expires midnight April 5)


Grab Your Early Bird Discount Now!

early bird expires midnight Thursday, April 5th   ( $99 at Door if any seats remain )


What Version of QuickBooks® Should You Get?

The Investor Books PRO System with Tenant Tracking

works only with QuickBooks PRO® Desktop version

No need to upgrade every year – maybe every 3 years or so

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FLIPS and Rehabs

Question from Randy:

When I buy a house to rehab and flip,
I enter the expenses of the rehab,
Do I enter it as an repair expense?

I do a close out report and I am showing a Capitalized expense,
I do not know how It got there. Help Please


ANSWER from Mike

I enter the expenses of the rehab “Improvements”

– NO, NO, NO
– when you buy any property,
everything and anything you do to or on this property…
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