Hi Mike, I just joined as an annual member today and have a few questions. I'm trying to get through as many videos as possible as quickly as possible in order to get the books done for a client of mine who has 25 LLCs, each with multiple rental properties and properties he has bought and sold. Unfortunately I don't have time to watch the full series as I am in a major crunch at the moment.

Mike - Oops and Sorry Becky, but I can not help you on this one... your crunch thing.

I'm specifically looking for videos that will explain how to enter a HUD from a purchase when there is a loan involved and a line item referring to "improvement escrow account" as well as "down payment reserve account"

Mike - first of all, please understand that many investors create weird accounts that really do not fit properly in the world of bookkeeping for real estate investors.

The BIGGEST Thing to Focus on is getting your/their books set up so they are "Investor Friendly" through out the year allowing the investor to "Push A Button" to instantly retrieve those special reports investors want along with pushing a button at tax time.

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