How to Create - Print or Email Statements to Your Tenants or Loan Customers

2 min Video can be viewed when you "Click to Access Video..." link in lower left corner (image below is NOT a video - it is just a screenshot of the video)

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Happy New Year!

Yes, I know the new year is here already, but this 33 min video gives you HUGE jump for Tax Time Now.

Stay Tuned for the 7 Simple Steps to Make Your QuickBooks Pro Ready for Tax Time


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What Version of QuickBooks® Should You Get?

The Investor Books PRO System with Tenant Tracking

works only with QuickBooks PRO® Desktop version

No need to upgrade every year - maybe every 3 years or so

Watch Amazon and Walmart for Specials and Discounts of Up to 50% Off!

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Where to Enter Your Equity and Proper Use of CASH from Me
  • with a dose of Crazy Advice from an Incompetent CPA
  Question from Cassandra:

Hi Mike, I'm really enjoying your QuickBooksForInvestors system!!

Here's my question....

I have heard you say you don't bother with the Owner Equity account cause you let your CPA deal with that.

From Mike

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How To Handle Two or More Tax Returns in Your Investor Books Pro Company File (Multiple Entities)

29 minute video shows you step by step

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How to Properly Enter

a $2,000 Earnest Money Check Paid to You

If You are a Licensed Real Estate Agent, You will deposit it into your Broker's Escrow Account


Hey Mike, I am doing a wholesale deal. I will be doing a double close on it.

I received a $2,000 non-refundable deposit (EM but paid directly to me).

How do I enter a transaction like this. I tried to look it up on the videos but the link is broken. Thanks for the help

I tried to look it up on the videos but could not find this one.

Thanks for the help

Chuck C

7 min video

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Question from Marietta Grimes: "Mike, when I am creating statements, a DUE DATE appears in the description area on every statement charge. How Do I Remove This?  Thanks - Marrieta"

Click the link below this video to view

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Question from Michael J.

I just got your program in December.

I have 15 units. - 2 single dwellings, - 2 duplexes, - 1 4plex, - Victorian with 5 units.

I currently use Excel documents to keep track of stuff. tax season is not fun for me or my CPA.

 I agree, this will make your tax time a breeze.. the hardest part is your transition and getting all set up properly

Would it make sense for me to input this year's stuff from January to December. - of course for 2017, but I assume you mean for 2016?

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QUESTION from Anthony:

I have a question I cannot find the answer to. I get bills in on properties, (Ex. Electric bill). In the training documentation it says only to use the bills feature for things like Home Depot credit accounts.

What will go wrong if I use the Bills feature for all bills that come it. I ask b/c it helps me remember what is due.

Is there a better way to remember bills?

Some are monthly, some are not….Ex. new electric service at a house I am re-habbing. I may only have the service for a couple of months but need to remember to pay it.

I know I can use the memorize bill feature, however this does not give me a rundown of what I need to pay like the bill feature does. As my business gets bigger I may not be able to remember everything that is due.

Thanks, Anthony


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