QUESTION from Anthony:

I have a question I cannot find the answer to.
I get bills in on properties, (Ex. Electric bill). In the training documentation it says only to use the bills feature for things like Home Depot credit accounts.

What will go wrong if I use the Bills feature for all bills that come it. I ask b/c it helps me remember what is due.

Is there a better way to remember bills?

Some are monthly, some are not….Ex. new electric service at a house I am re-habbing. I may only have the service for a couple of months but need to remember to pay it.

I know I can use the memorize bill feature, however this does not give me a rundown of what I need to pay like the bill feature does. As my business gets bigger I may not be able to remember everything that is due.

Thanks, Anthony


Great Question Anthony!

Please remember the whole focus of your Investor Books Pro System is to super efficient and simple for you Anthony. It does your books as you “PAY BILLS” and Make Bank Deposits…

Keeping this in focus Anthony, your most precious resource is YOUR TIME.

This system is designed to be efficient for you showing you how to touch one piece of paper as few times as possible.

Check this out, wouldn’t it be a huge time saver to touch a bill one time and be done with it instead of touching it 3, 4 or more times?… i thought so. (this might not make sense when starting out, but you mentioned you wanted to grow your business and get big. this will hit you harder when you are big)

Therefore Anthony – here is your rule of thumb,

When you get an electric bill in the mail or email, simply click on the CREATE A CHECK Speed Button and PAY IT NOW, put it in an envelope and mail it now..

Over, done with, fast, short and simple.

As I told you in the training, you only use the ENTER BILL Speed Button on vendors where you are allowed to charge stuff throughout the month and then the vendors sends you a monthly statement showing all of your charges and returns for the month.

I hope this helps Anthony

To Your Continued $uccess,