The ONLY COMPLETE System For Real Estate using QuickBooks PRO®


One Simple System To Quickly &
Properly Handle Absolutely EVERYTHING
In Your Real Estate Business! 


One Time Investment!

NO Monthly Subscription!

NO Hidden Fees!

FREE Internet Access from Anywhere!


As You Pay Bills and Make Bank Deposits,

It Does Your Books!

Buy, Sell, Trade, Rent, Seller Finance Real Estate

IRA Deals for Tax-Free Profit & Income for LIFE!

All Kinds of “Options” – Buying, Selling, Rent to Own

Rental Property – from One to Hundreds – Get Over 100% of Your Rents!

Real Estate Brokers, Agents, Property Managers, Bookkeepers, CPAs

Single Family, Apartments, Mini-Storage, Marinas, Mobile Homes, & Commercial

TAX TIME – Now You will be Ready in Minutes… NOT Days or Weeks

Reports Galore! Already Set Up for You – Simply PUSH a Button!


This might help to make it simple. Odds are, you have heard of the software named “Microsoft Word.”

How many Microsoft Word documents do you have?… perhaps hundreds; however, you must have Microsoft Word to open them and edit them. Without “Word,” you could not open or use them.

As software gets newer versions, the software automatically upgrades your files to the new version. The same is true with Investor Books Pro System™.

Investor Books Pro System™ consists of two QuickBooks Pro® company files.

Investor Books is a QuickBooks Pro® company file.

Tenant Tracking is a QuickBooks Pro® company file.

You MUST have QuickBooks Pro DESKTOP®  for PC’s to open and use each. (QuickBooks no longer supports MAC versions)

As QuickBooks Pro® DESKTOP releases newer versions, the software automatically upgrades your company files to the new version.

Every competent accounting firm in America has QuickBooks Pro®.

They must have QuickBooks Pro® in order to open their client’s QB company files.

The same is true for you using the Investor Books Pro System™.

You must have the PC (Windows version) of QuickBooks PRO Desktop®  



Keeps Track Of What You OWN and OWE, and Your INCOME & Expenses

Buy, Sell, Trade, Borrow, and Loan

Allows You to go 100% paperless keeping everything – receipts, docs, etc. 

It Does Your Books As You Pay Bills and Make Deposits

Tax Time Preparation Is Done In Minutes, Not Days or Weeks. Simply Email at Tax Time

Investor Friendly Reports Already Set Up For You  – Simply Push A Button

Makes It Simple for LLCs, Corps, Partnerships, IRAs, and more

Residential, Commercial, Dirt, Single Family, Apartments, Mini-Storage, Marinas, Mobile Homes and more!

Ensures You Use “Cash Method” of Accounting so you can capture every tax benefit for real estate investors

Mike’s “Post Office Method of Accounting” makes it brain-dead simple for YOU and Your CPA

Tracks Real Time Costs of Rehabs and Tenant Turnovers as they are happening…
       not after they are done when it is too late to make adjustments.

Tracks Real CASH FLOW by Property, by the entity, partnership(s) and more!

SAVES Your Precious and Valuable Time

Your Rock Solid Foundation Giving You The Confidence to Do Any Size Deal without fear



is Your Landlording and Property Management Machine

Keeps Track of Everyone Who Owes You Money… Tenants & Loan Customers

Makes You Look Professional, even with 1 property… Perception Is Reality!

Used Properly, You will consistently get over 100% of your rents!

WORK ORDER FEATURE ensures you document every Tenant Chargeable Repair and Get PAID

Tenants will gladly pay late charges without phone calls and complaints

Security Deposits made clean and simple.

Tenant Turnovers happen very smoothly and efficiently with TENANT TRACKING


Check Out This Short Overview

Why 2 Company Files?

(4 minute Video has NO Audio)

Take A Quick Look At Investor Books and Tenant Tracking In Action

Part 2

(7 min video)

Part 3

13 min

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One Time Investment!

NO Monthly Subscription!

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About Mike Butler

Mike Butler began his real estate investing career while working his full-time job as an Undercover Police Detective. Mike quickly realized the power of investing but knew he had to have a “brain dead simple” system to keep it all in order. Mike created this system for his own real estate business and it allowed him to easily own and operate over 75 rental properties before he made a huge decision to hire a part-time office person to work 5 hours per week in his little basement office.

Mike credits his Investor Books Pro System™ to catapult his real estate business to several hundred properties allowing him to retire early from his full-time job to enjoy more time with his family and fellow investors.

Mike Butler’s achievements and success have been featured in Money Magazine “Can Real Estate Make You Rich?” article and on the Wall Street Journal Radio Syndicated networks of over 170 radio stations.

Mike Butler has authored not one, but two #1 Best Seller Business Books on Amazon, “Landlording On AutoPilot” published by John Wiley and Sons and found in bookstores all over the world.

Mike has shared the stage with Condoleeza Rice at the National Apartment Association Conference

Mike Butler takes pride in some very unique achievements. He has NEVER gone to a bank to buy an investment property and he has never used a private lender or hard money lender while ALWAYS having a professional closing and getting title insurance on every deal. Mike encourages you to never to do “kitchen table closings” and to always put your mom in your seller’s shoes to make sure it is a good deal for everyone.

Mike Butler is two-term past president of his local REIA Group and has severed on the board for over a decade. Mike served 3 years on the board of the National Association of Real Estate Investors Assn., is a licensed broker, and a charter member of his local chapter of National Association of Residential Property Managers.

Mike is married to his beautiful wife and biggest fan, Beth and has two daughters (both with full-time job and health benefits!)

Mike Butler enjoys training millionaires and future millionaires all across America and on international cruises including his annual Seminar at Sea, the He also enjoys coaching and mentoring “take action” investors who want to turbo-charge and catapult their real estate business in achieving true financial freedom quickly and safely.

“I’ve spent over $90,000 over the last 2 years and I’ve learned more from Mike Butler than all of the others combined. I should have started with Mike.”    
Anita Carter – Mesa, Arizona

“My business was a mess before I started using Mike’s Investor Books Pro System… My Secretary Loves It! My Tenants Love It! and now I get OVER $100 of my rents… Mike’s systems and courses are second to none. Thank you Mike!”

Lewis Baldwin – Erie, PA




Investor Books PRO System™ with Tenant Tracking includes

INVESTOR BOOKS MANUAL with Investor Friendly Table of Contents and Step By Step Guides with Photos on How To Do…. Everything from Buying Another Piece of Real Estate to Cash Out Refinances, Buying Discounted Notes to Depreciation to 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges to Seller Financing to Loaning Money and more! Your INVESTOR BOOKS Manual also shows screenshots on the top of each page and it shows you in a simple step by step.

INVESTOR BOOKS BackUp Company File – after your activate your Single User License Key Code, you will be directed to your Investor Command Center to download your backup company file. Once downloaded, your Ready-To-Go-Now INVESTOR BOOKS QuickBooks Company File ready for you to “restore” and enter your bank accounts, properties, loans, and entities.

TENANT TRACKING MANUAL with Investor Friendly Table of Contents allowing you to jump straight to the simple step by step guide on the topic you are searching for. Everything from how to enter a new tenant, late charges, daily late charges, work orders, bounced checks, Work Orders and Tenant Chargeable Repairs, Move Outs and Tenant Turnovers, along with how to set up payment plans for collections and your loan customers.

TENANT TRACKING BackUp Company file – after your activate your Single User License Key Code, you will be directed to your Investor Command Center to download your backup company file. Once downloaded, your Ready-To-Go-Now TENANT TRACKING QuickBooks Company File is ready for you to “restore” and enter your Tenants and your rental units.

FAST START GUIDE VIDEO is a short online video. You can only access this AFTER you have activated your Single User License Key Code. The Fast Start Guide Video shows you how to get 10 properties up and running in less than 60 minutes. This video shows you how to “restore” (install) both INVESTOR BOOKS and TENANT TRACKING and how to enter your bank accounts, properties, loans, entities, and tenants. This short powerful video also shows you how to edit the “company information” so your company information appears on all of the monthly statements, work orders, late notices, eviction notices and more.

NOTE:  You must have QuickBooks Desktop PRO DESKTOP software program installed on a PC computer.

QuickBooks stopped supporting MAC versions years ago. It will not work with MAC versions, sorry.

ONLINE QuickBooks. Unfortunately, at this time, it does not work with any of the three online versions of QB

FYI, many investors, including myself, have tried to use all 3 versions QB Online and have wasted many hundreds of hours trying to put a square peg in a round hole… it simply does not work at this time… plus you must pay a monthly fee.

This is NOT a problem for you, your staff, and your CPA. In fact, let me share how you get many more benefits for free vs. using the online versions.

1. Select a Laptop or Computer to be your Real Estate Biz computer

2. Install QuickBooks PRO®  Desktop software for PC (windows) on to this dedicated computer ( for MAC folks, I have been told you can now run windows software on a MAC. Today, I use my $2,500 Apple Laptop as a terminal to log in to my dedicated real estate computer.)  

3. You MUST keep your dedicated laptop or computer turned on. Now you can access and log in to access EVERYTHING on your dedicated real estate computer – not only Investor Books and Tenant Tracking, but everything else on this computer. Keep in mind, you can NOT do this with QB online versions.     Glass half full or half empty?  half-full


Order Now To Claim Your Bonus!

BONUS – Full Year Online Support!

QBIWEBHeader1020Full Year Member Access to  Your 24/7 Online Resource to hundreds of On Demand How-To Videos and articles.

Everything from how to enter a HUD 1 Settlement when buying, selling, refinancing, or 1031s to loaning money, tenants, late charges, move outs, and move-ins and much  more

24/7 Immediate Online Access to On Demand How-To Videos of TWO Full Day LIVE Training Workshop Replays

Hundreds of “How To Videos” on everything from how to get started, bounced checks, deposits, earnest money, brokers, agents, commissions, rent with option to buy, lease options, late charges, work orders, new tenants, tenant turnovers, rehabs, Home Depot, Lowes, Contractors, Collections, Payment Plans, Seller Financing, Loaning Money, Property Management, Late Notices, Evictions, Move Out Reports, Training New Staff, Tax Tips from Real Estate Investing EXPERT CPAs, and much more.

Thousands of Real Estate Investors use
Investor Books Pro System™ with Tenant Tracking

“Before I got Mike’s system I had 35 tenants and I had one heck of a time and it was very painful. Mike Butler’s Investor Books Pro System™ with Tenant Tracking got me back on track and I have DOUBLED my business… increased by 100%. Now I have over 70 units and it is fun and very profitable. Thanks Mike and I am going to try to catch you!”    Tom Jones – Pittsburgh, PA












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Only $1,997

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Dear Fellow Real Estate Investor;

NEVER in a million years would I have ever dreamed of sharing my powerful Investor Books Pro System™ with sharp fellow real investors just like you.

I created this simple system for my own real estate business to make things simple, painless, and more profitable and I guarded it like Fort Knox because I did NOT want my friendly competition to know anything about it. It is the foundation that allowed me to grow my real estate business to whatever level I could dream. Now I could pursue growing my business and I had absolutely no reservations about buying anything… whether 50 single families in a package, 300 unit apartment community, or commercial strip centers and more.


You can thank my CPA, Mike Grinnan for you having the opportunity to get your hands on this amazing system because back in May of 2002, Mike invited to speak at some kind of regional seminar for CPAs and he wanted me to teach my system to them. He wanted me to show them how to use it so they could make more money.

I told him I wanted to figure out a way to show investors like you to help you save time, money and enjoy more profits knowing they can handle any opportunity that surfaces. I took my system and removed all of my transactions and made it simple for you to insert your banks, properties, loans, etc.

The rest is history!

Investor Books Pro System™ with Tenant Tracking works and is used by thousands of investors all over the world!

FYI, I promise you, there is no way I could have achieved my success without this rock-solid core foundation for my real estate business. Now it is your turn.

To Your Continued $uccess!


P.S. As soon as you order, we will rush your Investor Books Pro Manual and your Tenant Tracking Manual — please, please carefully double check your SHIPPING ADDRESS. We will NOT ship your manuals until we verify and confirm your shipping address.

Once your manuals arrive, get excited just like it’s your birthday or something and open your manuals.

On the FIRST PAGE, you will find your Single User License Key Code –

You MUST carefully follow the instructions on the same page to ACTIVATE your Single User License Key Code. Only After You Activate Your License, you will get full access to everything including my simple and unique “Post Office Accounting Method” to make what we used to think as complicated and make it brain-dead-simple.



Add To Cart 30 Day Guarantee


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